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Sibros offers a tailored solution for Passenger Vehicle OEMs, equipping them to address these challenges effectively. Deep Connected Platform offers seamless management and control over all software parts and vehicle data to unlock new features, improve vehicle performance and streamline service management. From predictive maintenance, convenience applications, after-sale feature upgrades and more, Sibros empowers manufacturers to build Software-Defined Vehicles that exceed consumer expectations and improve product sellability.
EV Battery Optimization

5x Faster Development

Develop and launch in half the time with a production ready solution for embedded software testing, debugging and updates.
EV Battery Optimization

Optimized Product Performance

Detect faults early with real-time monitoring and address potential issues with remote commands and updates.
EV Battery Optimization

Complete Compliance

Meet global compliances with a functional safety, cybersecurity and data protection ready product suite.

How Sibros Addresses Needs of Passenger Vehicle OEMs

Hardware Integration

Embedded agents designed for smart data management and minimal compute requirements

Data Complexity

Cloud data logging with granular controls for relevant data collection in live or offline file based methods

Advanced Diagnostics

Cloud-based data logging and remote diagnostics designed for  complex architectures

Energy Management

Ongoing tracking and predictive insights of asset health, efficiency, and usage habits

Cost Management

Tie-ups with hardware partners for pre-integrated solutions tailored to commercial vehicle markets

Maintenance and Service

Ready APIs for easy integration with back office systems and solutions for virtual mechanic services

Connectivity Variability

Multiple connectivity options and logging methods, with automated fallback and retry strategies

Safety & Security

ISO 26262 (ASIL-D) safety certified with UNECE WP.29 and IEEE Uptane-secured systems to thwart cyber attacks.

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Deep Logger

Live and offline (file-based) vehicle data logging, filtering and compression
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Deep Updater

Full vehicle embedded software management and OTA updates
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Deep Commander

Remote end-user or diagnostic commands and testing
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Deep Insights

AI/ML powered vehicle data analytics and predictive insights
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Harbinger x Sibros | Taking Transportation to Zero Emission

Harbinger x Sibros | Taking Transportation to Zero Emission

Harbinger is tackling zero-emission trucking by leveraging Sibros’ solutions for fleet management, logging, and OTA updates in their innovative electric trucks.
Workhorse electric truck equipped with Sibros technology for connected last-mile delivery solutions.

Workhorse x Sibros | Future of Connected Last Mile Delivery

Workhorse advances last-mile delivery with electric trucks and Sibros technology, offering connectivity and OTA features for fleet control, safety, efficiency.
Smart, connected trailers by Range Energy featuring advanced telematics and data integration powered by Sibros, transforming commercial trucking with enhanced safety and efficiency.

Smart, Connected Trailers: Range Energy Transforms Commercial Trucking with Sibros

Ali Javidan, Founder and CEO at Range Energy shares how Sibros’ data and telematics platform enhances their smart, connected trailers and fleet management.

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