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Deep Connected Platform TM

Continuously improve vehicle quality, safety and functionality with a single system for full life cycle software and data management.

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Discover Products

Built for the software-defined vehicle evolution

Deep Connected Platform (DCP) was purpose-built to give OEMs everything needed to deliver class-leading connected vehicles and services while meeting safety, cybersecurity and privacy mandates.

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1. Software Configurations & Updates

Manage vehicle software configurations at the scale of billions to deploy fail-safe remote updates to any vehicle ECU or controller.

2. Deep Data Collection

Collect live, actionable data from every source to understand how products are being used and sense problems before they occur.

3. Safe Remote Commands

Activate deep remote diagnostic commands for owners or OEM services to any ECU.

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Optimize fleet health, improve next generation product designs, mitigate recalls and innovate new connected services with the Sibros Deep Connected Platform.

Ota Deep Updater rollout progress

Full Vehicle Software Updates

Send safe and secure software updates to every ECU to fix code defects, reduce recall costs or upgrade vehicle functionality and performance anytime, anywhere with OTA Deep Updater.

  • Universal Vehicle Package Management
  • Manage 1B+ ECU Combinations
  • Automotive Grade OTA Cybersecurity
  • Compliant with WP.29, GDPR & more
  • Updates to 80+ Controllers
  • Detailed Audit-Trail & Reporting
  • Single & Dual Bank Updates
  • Background & Parallel Updates
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Deep Logger

Vehicle Wide Data Collection

Optimize fleet health and enable new revenue generating connected services by collecting deep, high quality and actionable vehicle data from every ECU with OTA Deep Logger.

  • Event & Time Based Logging
  • Microsecond Level Data from Any ECU
  • Compliant with WP.29, GDPR & more
  • Interactive Diagnostics Visualization 
  • <5% Telematics Unit System CPU Load 
  • Dynamic / Run-Time Log Configuration
  • 95% Data Compression to <5MB
  • Real-Time CPU/CAN Load Analysis
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Sibros OTA Command Manager

Remote Commands & Diagnostics

Streamline maintenance processes and enrich connected services by triggering secure user or diagnostic commands to any ECU, in one or many vehicles with OTA Command Manager.

  • Remote command any ECU
  • Integrate with mobile apps and tools 
  • Notify emergency response
  • Get analytics and diagnose health
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Industry Leading Differentiation

One platform

One Platform

Reduce multi-vendor integration dependency, complexity and cost with one platform for updates, logging, commands and diagnostics

secure by design

Safe & Secure by Design

Meets rigorous automotive safety, cybersecurity and privacy standards such as WP.29, Uptane, ISO 26262, ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2015, ASPICE, SOC 2 & GDPR

Use Cases

100s of Use Cases

Innovate and launch 100s of connected vehicle use cases across all life cycles including UBI, fleet management, location-based services and more

cloud ready

Hardware Agnostic & Cloud Ready

Runs on any TCU or Gateway and 2-4 wheel vehicle architectures with SaaS platform deployable on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud


Rapid Integration by API

95% product, 5% integration - get up and running in as little as 4 weeks and integrate all features or data with CI/CD pipelines, ERP or DMS by API

Industry Leading Differentiation, Any Vehicle Anytime Anywhere

Any Vehicle, Anytime, Anywhere

Meets variable load and geographic coverage to scale from 20 to 20M+ vehicles in all geographies for OEM warrantied fleet connected services

Audit trails

Vehicle Audit Trails

Granular, auditable timelines of all software updates, logs, commands, diagnostic sessions and user activity for any vehicle

whole life cycle

Whole Life Cycle

Manage updates, data and diagnostics as new vehicles come online in the factory through post-sale and end-of-life events

The Backbone of Connected Vehicle Success

Sibros helps OEMs offer a vehicle that is continuously up-to-date with its latest software for life, while collecting actionable data to inform smarter product design decisions and keep customers happy forever.

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Scalable. Reliable. Efficient.
Software update rollout completion reliability



Lower cloud/cellular costs with edge filtering and compression




Telematics Unit system CPU load running at 100% CAN load




Potential cost savings for beta bring up and EOL testing alone




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