Deep Connected Platform ®

The Future of Intelligent SDV Management Delivered Today

Monitor, manage and optimize your connected vehicles from factory to field with a production-ready solution
Deep connected platform
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Sibros Deep Connected Platform ®

Evolve Product Functionality

Ingest vehicle data at any scale, get instant predictive insights, and evolve product functionality and performance to delight customers.
signals to predictive insights

Signals to Predictive Insights

Log and transform live vehicle data into instant analytics and predictive insights on product usage, behavior and performance
Holistic management

Holistic Sofware Management

Orchestrate vehicle-wide OTA updates and upgrades across all vehicle trims and software configurations
remote diagnostics and commands

Remote Diagnostics & Commands

Remotely control and diagnose vehicles with with standards such J1939, ODX or SOVD
global compliance readiness

Global Compliance Readiness

Meet global automotive safety, cybersecurity and data privacy requirements with a compliance-ready system

Ship, Innovate & Monetize Your SDVs Better, Faster & Cheaper.

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Total cost of Sibros vs building in-house
Sibros deep connected platform benefits

Works with any OS and EE Architecture

Monitor, manage and optimize your connected vehicles from factory to field with a production-ready solution.
Operating Systems
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EE Architectures
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All-in-one edge analytics and software management for the most complex devices.
Deep Updater
Deep Logger

Collect Actionable AI-Powered Insights Across Your Fleet

Collect, filter, and transform device data from any ECU, domain or controller into actionable analytics to understand fleet health and improve product performance and future designs.
Live or offline file logging from any ECU 
Dynamic no-code deployments
Log any signal via PCAP, OBD-II or MDF CAN
Selective event & condition based logging
Instant insights with GenAI powered analytics
Edge compute, filtering and compression
Signal harmonization and on-change logging
Aggregated fleet intelligence views & alerts

Orchestrate Full Vehicle OTA Updates

Configure, manage and deploy OTA software and configuration parameter updates, safely and securely, to any downstream ECU or component.
Universal vehicle package updates
Manage 1B+ ECU combinations and trims over lifetime
Military grade OTA cybersecurity
Safety certified ISO 26262 ASIL-D rated
Audit change logs for all updates by vehicle and ECUs
Avoid recalls by deploying OTA repairs and updates
Deliver updates based on VIN or metadata attributes
Flexible multi-stage rollouts with safe pre-condition checks

Safely Dispatch Remote Commands to Any ECU

Execute remote commands for any vehicle ECU to enable OEMs and their customers with easier access and control.
Command all ECUs, infotainment & ADAS
Ensure commands are delivered via automatic attempts
Schedule repeated commands or sequences
Dispatch commands to single or group of vehicles
Trigger geofence, ignition, car lock & more
Notify emergency response on crash detection
Get analytics and logs for health diagnostics
Integrate with mobile apps & 3rd-party tools



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