Deliver Connectivity Solutions For Every Vehicle

Connected automotive solutions from biker sharing and fleet management to remote command of tractors

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Deliver Connectivity Solutions For Every Vehicle

Real-Time Data

Turn knowledge into efficiency

  • Get real-time alerts and communications
  • Receive live performance and diagnostic data
  • Monitor health after repair or service
  • Optimize routes and arrival time
  • Prioritize maintenance needs
  • Stream security video and data
  • Offer data-based commercial opportunities
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Fleet Telematics

Maximize your operations

  • Enhance vehicle monitoring and capabilities
  • Update software seamlessly to drive efficiency
  • Offer in-house telematics services
  • Minimize downtime with real-time data
  • Share assets via digital keys and remote access
  • Provide enhanced services and maintenance
  • Track the lifetime end-usage of every vehicle
  • Integrate dealer operations
  • Provide custom analytics
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Remote-Access & Control

Administer vehicles remotely

  • Send diagnostic requests
  • Implement geofencing for driver field operations
  • Shutdown stolen vehicles remotely
  • Manage vehicle charging activities
  • Mitigate excessive idling
  • Provide 24/7 virtual mechanic service support
  • Enforce lane assistance, eco driving, stability control and more
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Value Optimization

Prolong benefits beyond today's limits

  • Minimize cost with reductive design
  • Reveal connections and patterns faster and easier
  • Collect vehicle and consumer usage data
  • Predict useful life remaining
  • Improve resale value by leveraging usage history
  • Utilize data to cross-sell consumers
  • Drive pricing opportunities through data analytics
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Featured Solutions

Reach the software-defined potential of your connected vehicles and devices

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