Powering the Connected Vehicle Use Cases of Tomorrow, Today.​

Vehicles powered by the Sibros platform gain the foundational building blocks required to create more OEM brand value by giving customers an ever-improving vehicle: enabling third-party apps, learning about customer usage and fleet statistics, improving service & maintenance, and performing remote diagnostics.

Service Management

A large OEM making millions of vehicles annually leverages the Sibros Deep Updater solution for developing and manufacturing their next generation vehicles. The customer spent close to $24M to update 80K software related recalls. By applying Sibros Deep Updater and connecting this to the manufacturing process, the OEM is able to save $5M in manufacturing cost by replacing the OBD flash tool on the production line. This also increases their first pass yield and eliminates waste and time on the scrapped vehicles. This also enabled the customer to use a single platform to collect data from their real-world fleet with full lifecycle management to diagnose problems, complete maintenance updates, and execute preventative maintenance campaigns. Contact us to learn more.

Data Monetization​

OEMs have a tremendous opportunity to deliver greater value to customers and monetize data generated from vehicles. Data-centric service offerings – from Usage Based Insurance to mobility commerce, safety, behavioral advertising and much more are just some of the massive opportunities available from a robust connected vehicle ecosystem. Instead of allowing service providers to go directly to customers (e.g. Insurance companies utilizing ODB port dongles to capture driver behavioral data), OEMs have the opportunity to monetize data to pass along greater value to the customer.  However, the explosive volume of data cars generate today, combined with network and compute limitations, data monetization becomes much easier said than done. The Sibros Deep Logger solution uses condition and event-based monitoring to intelligently capture data snapshots from every vehicle controller to Collect the right vehicle data for enabling new partner “pay-to-play” models. Contact us to learn more.

Service Monetization​

OEMs are betting on the future of monetizing digital add-on-services for vehicles they sell or lease to customers. Research proves customers show a willingness to pay for new add-on services – albeit anything from on-board wellness services, personalized entertainment (e.g. streaming video or music) to food and hotel services. As OEMs test and experiment with add-on services for new monetization opportunities, data is the key to unlock a full experience. The Sibros Connected Vehicle solution provides the building blocks to orchestrate advanced data logging and software updates required to provision, maintain and sustain add-on services.  Contact us to learn more.

Fleet Management

As transportation and ownership models evolve (preference for shared mobility or subscription based ownership), OEMs must maintain the health and safety of their fleets. The on-vehicle gateway powered by Sibros can collect and analyze data collected from ECUs at the edge. An immediate alert can be sent for critical events, or data can be forwarded to the cloud where historical data is maintained and can be further analyzed. For planning preventative maintenance, parts can be ordered in advance and service scheduled reducing time the vehicle is out of service. This also enables OEM fleet owners to manage and schedule the recharging of entire fleets (e.g. electric bikes or scooters) reducing charging costs as well as monitoring and analyzing vehicle health metrics for preventative maintenance. Contact us to learn more.