Deep Commander TM

Execute remote and diagnostic commands to any vehicle

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Remotely interact, debug, and diagnose any vehicle with simple command sequencing, scheduling and dispatching.

Vehicle interaction and management tool for many use cases

Virtual Mechanic

Virtual mechanic for all vehicle types, with remote diagnostic troubleshooting, commands, and updates.

One-Stop Solution
Full Lifecycle

Send commands from any device to every ECU, from provisioning to decommissioning, and for test sequences from anywhere in the world.

Safe & Secure
Built-In Security

Ensure every command is executed as planned with automatic retries and industry leading safety & security checks built-in.

Reduce Complexity

Intuitive cloud workflows simplify processes of dispatching custom commands to a single VIN or any group of vehicles.

Interact with vehicles with ease and control

Condition-based scheduling

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Use intelligent functions, such as setting the maximum state of charge for a battery and having the vehicle monitor the battery and automatically stop charging based on certain conditions.

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End consumers can, for example, precondition the battery, turn on the seat heaters, or set the radio to a certain station in the morning, all with a single tap. 

Cut the wires during testing

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Run commands and tests at end-of-line and in the field. Reduce vehicle build times by testing while the vehicle is on the assembly line.

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Streamline calibration and other work as well as to provide end-consumers exciting capabilities from anywhere in the world.

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Command vehicles into various states and issue diagnostic reports without physical connection, saving time and money.

Activate new features post-sale

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Provide new personalization experiences from setting speed limits or geofences, adjusting suspension or vehicle pre-conditioning.

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Create new product experiences for customers: remote start, lock/unlock, car sharing services, theft immobilization and more.

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Provide virtual mechanic services directly to individual or fleet customers to maximize uptime and customer satisfaction.

Better diagnostic troubleshooting and resolution in the cloud

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Safely and securely exchange command requests and responses between cloud and vehicles.

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Import diagnostic commands and test sequences then remotely trigger them and log test reports.

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Integrate commands and workflows with OEM apps, services, and systems with a ready-built API library.

Key Features

Integrity Checks

Diagnostic commands are secured with checks for network security and command/system integrity.

Automatic Retries

Ensure commands are executed through automatic attempts when not initially completed.

Pre-Condition Safety Checks

Customizable preconditions for network security and system integrity before commands are executed.

Live Command Status

Trigger and display live command progress and responses for single or multi-command test sequences.

Add Commands via OTA Updates

New command capabilities with updates along with new firmware.

Secure ECU Connection

The use of MQTT/HTTPS provides secure connections.

Diagnostic Logs and Analytics

Issue commands to ECUs to get analytics and logs for diagnosing heath and resolving issues.

Command Configuration

Create a complex sequence of commands to store or deploy.

Available by API

Integration with third-party apps, CI/CD pipelines, test frameworks, and manufacturing systems via API.

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