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Why Deep Commander?

Ensure successful device operations, debug issues and enrich user experiences with secure remote command dispatching and management, from development through decommissioning.
Remote Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics

Real-time troubleshooting and diagnostic analysis at assembly end-of-line, on dealer lots or in the field.
Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Improve diagnostic testing efficiency from the cloud and across global teams with support for ODX/OTX.
Centralized Repository

Centralized Repository

Get a centralized view of all diagnostic commands and tests across the entire fleet for better issue analysis and prediction.

Manage Paid Features

Activate or deactivate features remotely based on customer payment or subscription-based services.

Safely Command Any Domain or Controller

Configure distinct sequences and pre-condition checks before a command is dispatched (diagnostic commands vs. WiFi and vehicle safe state), then interact or control any domain to unlock new features and connected services for customers.
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Key Features

Integrity Checks

Diagnostic commands are secured with checks for network security and command/system integrity.

Automatic Retries

Ensure commands are executed through automatic attempts when not initially completed.

Pre-Condition Safety Checks

Customizable preconditions for network security and system integrity before commands are executed.

Live Command Status

Trigger and display live command progress and responses for single or multi-command test sequences.

Add Commands via OTA Updates

New command capabilities with updates along with new firmware.

Secure ECU Connection

The use of MQTT/HTTPS provides secure connections.

Diagnostic Logs and Analytics

Issue commands to ECUs to get analytics and logs for diagnosing heath and resolving issues.

Command Configuration

Create a complex sequence of commands to store or deploy.

Available by API

Integration with third-party apps, CI/CD pipelines, test frameworks, and manufacturing systems via API.



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