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Software Inventory Management & OTA Updates

Manage vehicle software configurations and orchestrate vehicle-wide OTA updates at scale
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With up to 100+ million lines of code per vehicle and billions of software package combinations per fleet today, inferior software management can cripple SDV success. Deep Updater solves this challenge with a holistic OTA software management solution.
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Efficient. Scalable. Safe.

Model all your software configurations in one place, then orchestrate efficient updates at scale with intelligent features purpose built for SDVs. Here’s how Deep Updater does it:

Digital Software Twin

Create a unified software model per vehicle line for scalable, consistent updates across the entire fleet

Universal Packages

All software versions are combined in one universal manifest - vehicles only “order” software needed

Full Vehicle Updates

Update any sensor, ECU or microcontroller in parallel and by specific target groups based on vehicle attributes

Delta Updates

Detects ECU-level software changes, installing only necessary new code for updates or calibration

Multi-Stage Rollouts

Define stages, manage rollout pace, and adjust based on actual field performance to reduce failure risk

Audit Trails

Advanced filtering, computing, and compression at the vehicle edge

Safe by Design

Exhaustive pre-condition safety checks before every update and ISO 26262 ASIL-D certified

Security In-Depth

Guard against cyber threats with secure key rotation and multi-party signing, R155/156 and ISO 27034 compliant

Why Deep Updater?

Lower OTA Program Costs by +/- 60%

Lower legacy OTA program expenses with streamlined update processes across every life cycle stage

Improve Product Safety & Quality

Elevate vehicle safety and quality through continuous software enhancements

Lower Service Costs by +/- 25%

Reduce service interventions and vehicle downtime with efficient remote updates

Monetize Post-Sale Upgrades

Unlock new recurring revenue streams by offering premium features on-demand
Why Deep Updater?
Reduce legacy tool costs by up to 20%+ with cloud-native data collection and software management through design and development phases.
Real and just-in-time software updates to ensure every vehicle variant is configured properly throughout the entire manufacturing process and EOL testing.
Improve vehicle sales appeal and lift margins by 20%+ with high margin software-defined vehicle updates and upgrades post vehicle sale and throughout the full ownership life cycle.
Delivery vehicles that are up-to-date with the latest software configurations to enhance the first-time driving experience well beyond the showroom.
Lower service management costs by up to 25%+ with real-time diagnostics and OTA updates that minimize downtime, optimize performance, and increase vehicle longevity.
Increase new vehicle sale price points by up to 10%+ by ensuring a legacy of reliable vehicle performance and higher re-sale values with personalized diagnostics and scorecards.

Continuous Innovation with Every Update

Reduce Factory Build Times

Reduce factory build times by allowing updates and modifications to be made remotely from anywhere across all models.

Fix Bugs and Security Issues

Resolve known or newly discovered software bugs, issues and security threats with mandatory or safety critical updates.

Increase Range, Performance, and Charging

Dispatch updates that increase BEV range and performance, charging options, energy efficiency, power output and acceleration.

Improve UI and Displays

Update user interfaces and displays to enhance navigation systems, energy consumption monitoring and other displays.

Add New Features Post-Sale

Add post-sale features gradually: faster charging, streaming, camera-based detection, new voice languages, etc.

Enhance ADAS Features

Enhance and recalibrate lighting sensors, lane assist, ABS, adaptive cruise and traction control module performance.



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