Deep Updater®

Orchestrate full vehicle OTA software updates safely and securely

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Cutting edge over-the-air updates with integrated software configuration management.

Scalable. Efficient. Reliable.

20 to 20M+

One-click deployments from small beta fleets to large scale production with precise rules and meta-data based update rollouts.

+/- 2 days

Average rollout completion time with configurable rollout sequencing, fallbacks, delta updates and resumable downloads.

Depth & Breadth

Update 80+ ECUs and sensors in all domains including ADAS and infotainment for all vehicle and propulsion architectures.


Software update success rate powered by device models, universal packages, delta updates and safe rollout controls.

Deploy the right software on the right vehicle, every time

Software governance and updates from cradle to grave

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Get complete visibility and control over all your software variant configurations from day zero with a single source of truth for remote software management and updates.

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Harmonize all vehicle models with the latest software versions to keep internal teams aligned and ensure all vehicles remain up-to-date from the factory to delivery and while on-road.

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Reduce software complexity with universal software manifests for variants across the fleet, so vehicles download only the software they need, in whatever stage of life with full audit trails.

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All your software variants and configurations in a single cloud

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Configure software device models in the cloud that represent updatable ECUs by unique variants, then map firmware images to each ECU across all makes, models and your fleets.

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Build a scalable software update workflow for each vehicle model that forms the foundation for all future updates on every variant for life, with safe and secure one-click deployment.

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Reduce software complexity and keep vehicles updated at all times with universal software packages mapped to the fleet, so vehicles get only the updates they need, in whatever stage of life.

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Simple, safe & smart updates

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Confidently deploy updates with configurable rollout controls that safely streamline software updates and automate your workflow.

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Built-in smart update features to eliminate points of failure and improve delivery success rates:

  • Target updates by models, location, VINs or attributes
  • Vehicle-wide software packages and manifests
  • Configurable, rules-based rollout controls
  • ECU safety condition pre-checks
  • Resumable downloads
  • Parallel, delta and A/B updates
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Traceable audit trails and reporting

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Confidently deploy updates with audit trails for all updates at the ECU level, for anything installed or changed from manufacturing to service, in chronological view.

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Get real-time and historical insights for all software change logs on every vehicle and ECU, in a single source of truth for all update attempts, failures, retries and successes.

Key Features

Vehicle Models

Manage ECU configuration for software rollouts to any set of vehicle groups and trims over the lifetime.

Universal Packages

Software versions for each ECU are combined into one universal package for one-click deployment and automation across multiple vehicle variants.

Delta Updates

Deploy only updates between current vehicle software or firmware, and latest versions.

Metadata Targeting

Target rollouts by VINs or metadata attributes for phased rollouts by groups to deliver updates with high precision.


Audit change logs for all updates by vehicle and ECUs in a visual timeline.

Safety & Security by Design

Meets functional safety and cybersecurity compliance requirements, including ISO 26262 (ASIL-D) and WP.29 R155/R156.

100% ECU Coverage

Coverage for every ECU and component whether over CAN, Ethernet or other networks for full vehicle updates.

Lightning Fast Updates

Deploy updates faster with parallel multi-ECU and multi-network updates over CAN or Ethernet with configurable rules.

Flexible Configurability

Improve rollout success with configurable downloads, ECU lists, precondition checks, time intervals and more via wifi, LTE, and bluetooth.

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