Sibros Closes $12 Mn Series A Funding for First Deep Connected Vehicle Platform
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Enabling the Connected
Vehicle Ecosystem

Sibros connects and manages the end-to-end vehicle software and data lifecycle, from R&D to end of life, helping OEMs deliver never-before-available connected vehicle services at scale.

Deep Connectivity Platform in 60 Seconds

The Most Complete Vehicle Connectivity System

Why Sibros?

Accelerate time-to-market while reducing before and after-sale costs with an advanced connectivity platform built by a team with deep automotive roots.


Utilizes Uptane automotive OTA security standard which is backed by U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Scalable cloud infrastructure that meets variable load and geographic coverage for automotive services.


Easily integrates with other cloud and infrastructure systems creating holistic ecosystem visibility and management.


Robust software update management provides delivery where and when they are needed; logging, diagnostics and error reporting enables timely corrective action.


Supports any connected vehicle platform using industry standard protocols and frameworks.

Full-Stack Solution

End-to-end solution across all layers of the platform stack including firmware, back-end and front-end.

Deep Connectivity Platform

OTA Updater

The industry's first ASIL-D certified solution for secure full vehicle software updates to all components with multi-hop updates.

Controlled Environment

Avoiding reprogramming in an uncontrolled environment with geo-fencing to provide safe pre-conditions.

Safe State for OTA Updates

Ensures vehicle starts and ends updates in a safe state such as remaining in a stationary state during a rollout.

OTA Logger

We have designed our deep logging solution with customizable logging strategies that include all logs, event triggered logs, and selective logs based on conditional values.

No Hardware Required

Eliminate the need for expensive per-user hardware and licenses by utilizing Sibros' site-wide license software only solution.

Record Critical Events

Event triggered logging identifies select conditions and initiates logging at specific intervals before, during and after critical events.

Sibros Bootloader

Ultra-portable, lightweight and universal solution for re-flashing any ECU quickly and securely via CAN, Ethernet, LIN, Flex-Ray and over other network protocols.

Secure Updates

Secure ECU updates via ‘store and rotate’ security key method over UDS protocols - no application firmware modification required.

Bootloader Updates & Portability

Supports self-updates with modular architecture allowing for a single core bootloader to run on all supplier architectures and various ECUs.