Deep Logger®

High precision data at scale from every source in real time

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Understand how your vehicles are being used, driven and maintained at every turn across the full life cycle.

Log any signal at any scale for all use cases

insights scale
600+ Billion

Analytics ready data points logged in a rolling 12-month period for an average size fleet using Deep Logger.

high resolution
1 millisecond

High resolution, timestamp data with signal logging at rates as fast as 1 milliseconds.

Data load and cost savings
50% Lower

Up to 50% reduction in network data transport and cloud compute costs with selective logging, edge filtering and lossless file compression.

use cases

EV range and performance improvement, connected diagnostics, predictive failure detection, component health monitoring and much more.

The better way to collect actionable data

Log data from every source

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Select desired signals and change them in real time without requiring a software update to the vehicle

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With robust rules-based signal selection, engineers can combine any set of vehicle conditions with key events before, during and after they occur.

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Smart data modeling

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Easily capture the vehicle data you need by picking from a list of standard signals or building a custom set of your own.

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Ensure everyone speaks the same language with built-in signal harmonization that standardizes data into a common format everyone can understand.

Seamless workflow

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Execute new logging campaigns seamlessly from the cloud or through our APIs. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Discover signals of interest with data maps
  2. Configure logs to determine what data to collect
  3. Define rules based on any set of conditions or events 
  4. Deploy log configurations to target vehicle groups
  5. Visualize data in pre-built dashboards or existing tools

Fleet Analytics 

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Aggregate any signal across custom vehicle groups or entire fleets.

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Seamlessly visualize trends and debug issues using live and historical data for every vehicle attribute.

Sibros Fleet Management Dashboard

Key Features

Conditional Logging

Log data under precise conditions to gather the most useful insights when analyzing vehicle groups or customer behavior.

Event Logging

Log defined parameters based on a trigger condition, before and after the trigger is met.

Live Logging

Real-time data streams, remotely configurable from the cloud to view updates in user-defined intervals.

Edge Pre-Processing

Relay only signals that meet exact conditions in 95% compressed format at user-defined time intervals.

Fleet Analytics & Alerts

Customize visualizations of vehicle health at VIN, group or fleet-wide levels with event or condition based alerts.

Signal Harmonization

Standardize data sets with programmatic signal aliases to ensure consistent analytics for faster and easier analysis.

Data Stream Anonymizer

Decouple logged data from VINs or other PII to ensure GDPR compliance data privacy when sharing with 3rd parties.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Minimal integration with no additional logging hardware required and runs on the majority of all major E/E architectures.

Analytics Portal

Rich analytics portal, also serving as the interface for configuring new logging campaigns or updates.

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