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Connected Data on Every Vehicle for Any Use Case

Transform signals into insights to detect anomalies, predict issues and improve product quality.
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Getting high quality vehicle data at scale to improve product performance is complex and cost prohibitive. Deep Logger solves this challenge with the power of selective, dynamic and hyper-precision signal logging for connected vehicle analysis and insights.
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Reduce Data Loads & Costs, Not Data Quality

Reduce vehicle data transport and cloud costs by up to 50%, without compromising data quality or accuracy. Here’s how Deep Logger does it:

Selective Logging

Log precisely the data you need with any set of if/then conditions, rules or trigger events at millisecond+ level granularity.

Dynamic & Codeless

Change or update logging parameters and configurations without pushing new code or OTA updates

Any Signal or Source

Collect signals from any sensor or ECU over multiple protocols - MDF CAN, Ethernet/PCAP, OBD-II.

Live or Offline Logging

Log, compress and ingest live data to the cloud or as offline files that can be programmatically retrieved at any time.

Predictive Insights

Generate instant AI-powered dashboards and predictive insights with natural language queries.

Intelligent Edge

Advanced filtering, computing and compression at the vehicle edge

On-Change Logging

Efficient data collection triggered by deviation detection to log only relevant signals that require action

Aggregate Visualization

Automatic signal visualization across the fleet with configurable dashboards and alerts

Why Deep Logger?

50% Lower Toolchain Costs

Retire old and expensive debugging tools with a cloud-based solution that starts on your test bench

25% Lower Service Costs

Improve product reliability and lower service costs with early detection of issues and defects

10x Faster Time to Market

Accelerate development and market entry with a ready-to-use solution that’s fully compliant and certified to automotive standards

10-50% Lower Next Gen Build Costs

Get in-depth vehicle data to inform and improve future product designs, based on real-world product performance

Get and Do More with Your Data

EV Battery Optimization

EV Battery Optimization

Log battery thermal cell performance to improve BMS algorithms for quality and safety improvement.
Connected Diagnostics

Connected Diagnostics

Diagnose and monitor vehicle health and performance for proactive maintenance or virtual maintenance.
Predictive Failure Detection

Predictive Failure Detection

Identify patterns from historical vehicle and fleet data to predict failures and minimize customer downtime.
vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Log vehicle location data in the cloud to offer location-based and theft-detection services.
Maximize Fleet Uptime

Maximize Fleet Uptime

Improve fleet uptime, efficiency and services with comprehensive fleet data intelligence.
Resale Value and Certification

Resale Value and Certification

Provide end-user-friendly diagnostic health reports to increase aftermarket resale values.



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