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Collect & filter high precision edge data from every ECU.

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Smart Data Collection

Collect high quality connected vehicle data from every ECU and network domain based on configurable event parameters, rules, and filters with OTA Deep Logger.

Enable better diagnostics and connected services for fleet management, predictive maintenance, usage-based insurance, location-based services use cases, and much more. 

Sibros OTA Deep logger

Any Data, Hardware & Transmission Type   

Collect, filter, and transmit any type of vehicle data from separate or unified hardware operating Android, FreeRTOS, Embedded Linux (Yocto), QNX, or any other POSIX compliant OS over Ethernet, CAN, LIN or FLEX-RAY via Wi-Fi, cellular, or Bluetooth to the Sibros cloud portal for actionable analysis or integration with external data pipelines and apps. 

Sibros Bootloaders

Cut Cloud & Cellular Costs in Half  

Reduce vehicle-to-cloud cellular, compute, and storage costs by up to 60%.

OTA Deep Logger provides advanced data abstraction, filtering, logging rules and up to 95% log file compression so you log only what you need, how you need it from any vehicle, anytime, anywhere. 

OTA Deep Logger

Powerful Cloud Portal 

Build an endless number of applications with all your connected fleet data in one safe and secure place. Ingest, plot, visualize, and combine real-time and historical data based on vehicle attributes, models, location, configurations, trims or by parameters from any group of ECUs to make visualization and debugging seamless. 

Sibros Fleet Management Dashboard

Key Features

Advanced Edge Filtering

Advanced Edge Filtering

Filter edge data based on time, duration, log size, custom tags, signal names and signal types

Dynamic Selective Log Configuration

Selective Logging

Select vehicle logging parameters and conditions including user defined transmission rates

Dynamic Selective Log Configuration

Dynamic Selective Logs

Dynamically apply new event configurations and triggers to store MDF logs without ECU reflashing

Alerts Monitoring

Alerts Monitoring

Collect alerts, DTCs and debug data to take action and reduce risk when a vehicle is operating outside of preset conditions

Fully Configurable

Fully Configurable

Configure what you want to record, when you want to record and how fast or slow to record it 

File Compression

File Compression

Compress up to 95% of the MDF/PCAN file sizes after they are written

Record Critical Events

Record Critical Events

Identify select conditions and initiate logging at specific intervals before, during and after critically defined events

Customizable Logging Rules

Customizable Rules

Control every aspect of the data log file - size, time duration, upload and network methods

Accurate Data Mapping

Accurate Data Mapping

Track in-vehicle and on-cloud software version mapping for accurate data decoding

Minimal System Load

Minimal System Load

<5% system load on 1 GHz QNX machine, even with 100% CAN load on five CAN buses

Live data

Live + Historical Data

Stitch live vehicle signals with historical data for real world augmented data analytics

Dynamic Live Log Configuration

Dynamic Live Logs

Dynamically apply live log configurations to receive new data points without ECU reflashing

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What’s Under the Hood?

The solution consists of multiple embedded and cloud components, seamlessly delivered as one vehicle-to-cloud SaaS system.


Automotive-first analytics system for fleet monitoring

Deep Logger

Embedded client for TCU, Gateway or both

Data Bridge

Buffers, timestamps and send CAN messages

Log Manager

Writes, compresses and uploads CAN logs

Sibros Armor

Automotive grade OTA cybersecurity

Integration & Support

Rapid integration & dedicated support

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