The Role of Data Insight & Automation in Shared Mobility Fleets

Episode 9
February 26, 2023

Episode Summary

In this episode of Point B, Mark Thomas, EVP of Marketing & Alliances at Ridecell, provides insights on how automation and data are driving the transformation of fleet vehicles and enabling exciting new opportunities in the realm of shared mobility. How are data insights assisting automated workflows? What are the benefits of a digitally transformed fleet? What technologies are driving this transformation?

Key Highlights

1:21 - Tell us about Ridecell.

2:18 - Are urban centers the source of this transformation?

3:34 - What about the fleet sector?

7:16 - How is the shift to EVs impacting Ridecell?

10:00 - What are some of the things we should be doing to accelerate the digital transformation?


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