Driven By Data: How Motorsports Is Redefining the Future of Connected Vehicles

July 8, 2024

Episode Summary

How is data from race cars transforming not only motorsports but also the future of everyday vehicles?

In this episode of Point B, Steve Schwinke sits down with Romain Leroux, a rising star in the world of motorsports. Romain shares his passion for racing and how it has been a part of his life since childhood. The conversation delves into the critical role that data plays in modern racing, from setting up the car to making real-time decisions during a race. Romain explains how the use of data has evolved over the years and how it has become an essential tool for drivers and engineers alike. The discussion also touches on the similarities between the use of data in racing and in the development of everyday vehicles, highlighting how motorsports serve as an incubator for technologies that eventually make their way into the cars we drive. Romain also shares his thoughts on the future of motorsports, including the increasing presence of electric and hybrid vehicles in racing.

Romain Leroux, a true racing prodigy and member of Aston Martin’s “Young Driver Academy,” cemented his place in racing by winning the 2021 GT4 French Racing championship behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vantage AMR. Leroux then pushed himself to the limit and earned the title of Vice-Champion in the fiercely competitive 2022 ADAC GT4 Germany with Dörr Motorsport. Now, as a driver for Bullit Racing in the 2023 GT World Challenge Endurance Cup, he stands poised to leave his mark in endurance driving.

Key Highlights

[00:01:00] - [00:05:00] From Passion to Profession: Romain's Journey in Motorsports

- Romain's passion for cars and racing began at a young age, with a family history in motorsports

- Becoming a successful race car driver requires more than just driving fast; it involves understanding the car, engineering, and technology

- Drivers work closely with engineers to set up the car and optimize performance

[00:06:00] - [00:12:00] The Critical Role of Data in Modern Racing

- Data has become increasingly important in motorsports, with thousands of data points collected from race cars

- Drivers and engineers analyze data to find ways to improve performance, even by fractions of a second

- Data is used to anticipate and prevent failures, leading to more reliable race cars

[00:15:00] - [00:22:00] Motorsports as an Incubator for Automotive Technology

- Motorsports serve as an amplified reality of the automotive industry, with technologies developed for racing eventually making their way into everyday cars

- Manufacturers are investing in motorsports to improve their brand image and develop new technologies for road cars

- Romain believes that the future of motorsports is exciting, with more brands returning to the sport and investing in new technologies

[00:23:00] - [00:26:00] The Potential of Data in Coaching Everyday Drivers

- Romain discusses how data and simulation technology could be used to coach and train everyday drivers

- Simulators can provide a safe environment for drivers to learn how to handle difficult situations without the risks associated with real-world driving

- The use of data and simulation technology could lead to safer roads and more confident drivers

[00:27:00] - [00:32:00] The Future of Motorsports: Electric, Hybrid, and Beyond

- Romain believes that motorsports must evolve with the times, and electric and hybrid vehicles will play an increasingly important role

- While fully electric racing may not replace traditional motorsports entirely, hybrid engines offer a compelling compromise between performance and sustainability

- Romain emphasizes the importance of enjoying the experience of racing, as it is a dream for many people


"Data doesn't lie, and that's why we invest in it. It's the most accurate way to predict and get as much information as possible."
- Romain Leroux
"Motorsports is just a fraction of what the automotive industry is, but I think it's a good reflection of the way things are moving towards, and it's an amplified reality of what the automotive industry is like in general."
- Romain Leroux

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