The Ins and Outs of the Software Defined Vehicle

Episode 13
June 22, 2023

Episode Summary

Brian Carlson, Director of Global Product and Solutions Marketing at NXP, is back on Point B to continue his discussion on the evolution of SDVs, this time with a focus on software. How are new E/E architectures (discussed in last month’s episode) changing the way automakers do software? How are OEMs navigating this new world of OTA updates and full-vehicle data logging? What challenges must be overcome to ensure success?

Key Highlights

0:54 What is a software defined vehicle? 

3:23 Reducing build cost with SDVs

5:40 Consumer education around SDVs

8:05 The best ways to bring updates to the consumer

10:35 Bringing third parties into automotive to create better experiences

12:30 Challenges faced by the key players in SDVs


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