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Episode 1
August 29, 2022

Episode Summary

Point B is a Sibros original podcast that looks under the hood at the latest innovations in automotive technology and how they are impacting the trajectory of the industry. In other words, how are we getting from where we are now, Point A, to the future, Point B? In these quick, bite-sized episodes, we interview industry experts on key topics like micromobility, connectivity, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, transportation 2.0, and more.

In our premiere episode of Point B our guest moderator Jo Borras of Clean introduces the regular hosts of Point B: Michael Kara and Steve Schwinke. From being a kid obsessed with cars to a dad who found his hobby-calling as a DJ, these guys dive into what first brought them to the automotive industry, the issues they’ve encountered, and where the connected vehicle industry is headed.

Key Highlights

0:40 Get to know Point B hosts Steve Schwinke

2:24 Learn more about Point B host Michael Kara

4:24 Early challenges of creating a connected ecosystem in automotive

6:13 Where Sibros is disrupting the auto industry 

8:25 Tech challenges associated with reductive design

9:54 The benefits of 5G in automotive

13:10 What to expect on upcoming Point B episodes


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