Sibros + NXP Partnership

Sibros + NXP

A Power Combination for High Performance Vehicle-to-Cloud Applications

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Bridge the Connectivity Gap

Sibros has partnered with NXP to provide a service-oriented gateway for connected vehicle OEMs to perform dependable, real-time safety-critical updates to every ECU and vehicle at scale.  

Mitigate cybersecurity risks, access and manage vehicle-wide data, deploy OTA software updates, enhance customer-facing features, and execute remote commands, all on one vertically integrated, embedded vehicle-to-cloud system.

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Fast Track NXP Board Prototyping 

Sibros’ ASIL-D certified solution enables access to deep data insights and remote updates through NXPs’ S32G2 gateway, an application class processor capable of running POSIX OS operating systems, including LINUX and QNX. 

Shift Focus from Integration to Creation 

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