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Deep ConnectED Platform

OTA Deep Logger

Precisely collect the right in-vehicle data from every ECU using customizable events, rules and filters to enable advanced diagnostics and new connected services.

Log Meaningful Data When it Matters

Vehicle data holds great promise for OEMs to create new revenue paths and expand the potential of connected vehicle capabilities - from Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), real time analytics, data marketplaces/monetization and beyond.

However, the sheer volume and velocity of data produced in modern vehicles presents challenges in abstracting the right data at the right time. Sibros’ OTA Data Logging solution collects and transmits all data formats from every ECU based on customizable rules, triggers and filters for advanced analysis. This smart and selective logging approach filters out irrelevant vehicle data to give OEMs truly actionable insights to improve future product design and unlock a broad range of new and innovative connected vehicle services.

Car syncing with the cloud via Sibros Data Logger

The Sibros OTA Data Logging Advantage

One solution that tracks, traces, plots and manages data through the entire vehicle lifecycle – from beta bring up to post-sale
No need for proprietary logging hardware or tools saves OEMs millions in beta product R&D and production fleets
Collect real time vehicle and driver behavioral analytics to develop new business models and data marketplaces  
Enables developers and technicians to perform remote end-of-line testing in the new normal of the post COVID era
Highly configurable solution with condition-based scenarios and event triggers that can scale from 10 to 10 million vehicles
30-day guaranteed integration of base embedded systems on any product line with plug and play of Sibros' cloud components

OTA Data Logger Solution Components

Cloud: Datascope

Sibros Datascope provides a powerful automotive-first analytical system to help our customers leverage live streamed vehicle or fleet-level data insights. Easily browse software rollout status to data analysis on deployment or vehicle operations and more, including:

  • Fleet monitoring: visualize and transform data from the fleet in real time and get notified right away for anything that needs attention
  • ML and Data analysis: build customized pipelines to analyze and make intelligent use of the logged data
  • Smart dashboards: fully customized dashboards that visualize data based on vehicle tags, models, configurations and trim packages
  • Secure channel: end-to-end communication channel is fully secured with TLS and every device is authenticated / authorized when connecting to the cloud
  • Live configuration: with a few simple clicks in Datascope, easily choose what, when and how data is logged and transferred

Cloud: Diagnostics Manager

The Sibros Diagnostics Manager offers Over-the-Air diagnostics to track, manage and run analysis of deeply buried meta data in true real time at both the vehicle and fleet level. Diagnostics Manager collects, streams, analyzes and interprets fault codes into usable data for actionable insights. This allows OEMs to optimize vehicle health across R&D, after-sale and warranty scenarios by enabling advanced failure detection, preventative maintenance, as well as knowing exactly what, when and where to send software updates and ECU calibrations down to the vehicle.

The solution has been architected to work across the broadest spectrum of on-board components - fuel systems, brakes, batteries, suspension, engine sensors, powertrain, and much more.  

  • Proactively monitors on-board device data over-the-air
  • Registers every single alert in the vehicle
  • Analyzes vehicle health parameters in real time
  • Early intervention enables advanced failure prediction detection
  • Open APIs to extend OTA diagnostics services to 3rd parties and partners
  • Standardizes and interprets fault codes into human-readable formats
  • Works across all vehicle models, powertrain architectures and chipset families

Cloud: Service Manager

By combining the power of whole-vehicle OTA updates and deep data logging, vehicles with Sibros powered connectivity gain a unique competitive advantage to improve overall service management delivery. Service Manager gives OEMs, dealers, partners and fleet operators fingertip access to vital vehicle metadata and full lifecycle health insights to streamline work/service order, parts inventory, fleet management and more including:

  • Full vehicle data, update, and health history at VIN/owner level
  • Robust policy control by custom vehicle groups, tags, configurations & trims
  • Open APIs for quick integration with parts and warranty management systems
  • Optimize maintenance time and costs with real time diagnostic alerts
  • Global geo-location maps and analytics for single vehicles or custom groups
  • Recharge scheduling management for electrified vehicle fleets  

Firmware: Deep Logger

Deep Logger is the in-vehicle solution powered by the Sibros Data Bridge and Log Manager. These two components can be deployed on separate or unified hardware, such as a single Linux/QNX machine. Deep Logger offers highly configurable rules to log data based on event-based scenarios, rules and triggers.

The Data Bridge is an ultra lightweight application that buffers, timestamps and sends data from the internal vehicle networks to the vehicle gateway and Log Manager.

The Log Manager is responsible for all vehicle-to-cloud data transfer (over Ethernet, CAN, LIN, FLEX-RAY) and allows for highly granular and advanced filtering rules including:

  • MDF/PCAN File Logging
  • Live Logging
  • Selective Logging
  • Event Logging
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Data Compression
  • Data Recycling Scrubber

Key Features

Endless Number of Applications
Study driving behavior and analyze vehicle parameters to provide meaningful business use cases
Predictive Maintenance & Analytics
Enables fleet managers to identify needed parts or services before a failure, reducing unplanned downtime and drivers risk
Fully Customizable Domain Page
Seamless system debugging and visualization with customizable logging pages by any ECU grouping
Selective Logging
Select vehicle parameters and conditions for logging including the rate of data transmission
Evaluation of Data Measurements
Easy-to-use plotting tool with any customizable signals, and ability to create side-by-side graphs for data analysis or fault investigations  
Advanced Charting
Live signals are plotted with the ability to pan, zoom, slice, overlay signals on the same graph with different X and Y axes or crop to a specific time frame to get the best data evaluation view
Offline Analysis on Archived Data
Plot archived signals with or without connectivity. Connect to our data APIs and retrieve directly for offline processing
Combine Historic & Live Data
Stitch signals coming live from the vehicle with historic data about those signals into the same graph
Built into the Deep Connectivity Platform
Easily browse everything from software rollout status to data analysis on deployment or vehicle operations
Advanced Data Filtering
Filter data based on time, duration, log size, custom tags, signal names and signal types
Generate Custom Reports
All logs with custom notes, graphs and data can be exported for reporting or other purposes. All features are available via API
Remote Configuration
Able to Start and Stop logging on the vehicle remotely and get email or text notifications based on custom event triggers
API Interface
Command-line interface, as well as POSIX MQ interface to dynamically flush logs, or trigger an event
Real Time Status
Monitor Deep Logger CPU load, and CAN bus loads in real time on the Sibros Cloud Portal
Dynamic Live Log Configuration
Dynamically apply new Live Log configuration to receive new data points without re-deploying new software to the vehicle
Dynamic Selective Log Configuration
Dynamically apply new event configurations and triggers to store MDF4 logs without re-deploying new software to the vehicle
Accurate Data Mapping
Track vehicle software version in-vehicle and on-cloud so that correct data decoding can be applied on cloud
DBC & Network Messages not exposed
Uses HTTPS protocol to transfer files, in addition to using Sibros credentials to validate authentication. DBC files are only required in the cloud, and not in the vehicle
File based Product Configuration
Customize MDF file split time, size, initial Live Log and Selective Log configuration, and VIN tagging of log files with a single, easy to use configuration file
Minimal System load
Barely 5% system load on 1Ghz QNX machine, even with 100% CAN load on five CAN buses
High resolution timestamps
Get accurate timestamping of all CAN messages
Custom Builds
Customize the Deep Logger executable build if necessary by adding OEM specific features & CAN stream decoding
Offline and Online Operation
Product can operate offline by writing CAN logs to disk, recycling old logs, as well as online by uploading all logs, and streaming Live Logs
Fully Configurable
Configure what you want to record, when you want to record and how fast or slow you want to record
Support Vehicle Architecture
Support for different vehicle architectures, hardware, operating system and networks
File Compression
Compress up to 95% of the MDF/PCAN file size after they are written
Robust Logging Mechanism
Handles off-nominal cases such that abrupt application termination will not cause any log corruption
No External Hardware
Eliminate the need for expensive per-user hardware and licenses by utilizing Sibros' site-wide license software only solution
Record Critical Events
Critical event triggered logging identifies select conditions and initiates logging at specific intervals before, during, and after an event
Safe Driver Monitoring
Drivers can opt to allow their insurance companies to monitor specific vehicle metrics indicative of safe driving habits
Data Post-Processing
Log file data processing tool that can perform operations like merge, split, filter and store on the log files
Alerts Monitoring
Collect Alerts, Diagnostics Trouble Code (DTC) and any format of debug data, enabling a fleet manager to take timely action to reduce risk when a vehicle is being operated outside of preset conditions
Ease of Integration
Comprehensive developer environment simplifies integration of Sibros solution into any vehicle
Advanced Data Filtering
Customize the Selective Logger to create MDF files of certain CAN messages upon different set of trigger conditions without the need of re-releasing the Logger executable
Customizable Logging Strategies
Control every aspect of the data log file such as file size, time duration, upload strategy (critical vs non-critical), network strategy (Wifi vs Cellular)

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