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Full vehicle and whole life cycle software updates.

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100% ECU Coverage

Break the limits of outdated Over-the-Air (OTA) software update systems with Sibros’ OTA Deep Updater.

Send deep, safe and secure OTA software updates or calibrations to every ECU, at any life cycle stage, from engineering to production and post-sale.

Offer continuous and reliable updates to avoid and streamline recalls, lower maintenance and warranty costs, and deliver vehicle feature upgrades overnight.

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Why OTA Deep Updater?

OTA Deep Updater safety check

Safe & Secure By Design

Meets rigorous safety, cyber security and privacy standards - see our compliances.

ECU Any Vehicle Architecture

Any Vehicle Architecture

Embedded client supports all E/E architectures and propulsion methods on cars, trucks, buses, tractors, 2-wheelers and more.


Cloud Ready

SaaS based platform deployable on AWS, Azure & Google Cloud.

OTA Deep Updater reliability

99.98% Reliability 

Deliver the right update, at the right time on the right rollout strategy for high reliability update completions.

OTA Deep Updater Vehicles

20 to 20M+ Vehicles

Go from 20 to 20M+ vehicles or anywhere in-between with a large scale distributed automotive cloud platform.

OTA Deep Updater updates

Unlimited Updates

Simple pricing with unlimited vehicle updates to any size fleet in any geography for faster ROI.

Key Features

Updates to 80 controllers

Updates to 80+ Controllers

Update all ECUs across all domains (powertrain, chassis, body, ADAS and infotainment) in the vehicle

OTA Deep Updater update validation

Delta Vehicle Updates

Updates sent only for ECUs that have changed without sending entire package

OTA Deep Updater calibration

Configuration & Calibration Updates  

Supports software updates, ECU calibrations and vehicle configurations across all geographies

ECU Updates

Secure ECU Updates 

Uses IEEE Uptane Standard for securely deploying OTA updates to a vehicle and ensure only OEM signed/authorized images are installed

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Fully Compliant 

Meets rigorous safety, security and privacy regulations including WP.29, Uptane, ISO 26262, ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2015, A-SPICE, SOC 2, GDPR and CCPA

OTA Deep Updater analytics

Audit Trail & Analytics

Detailed deployment logs and statistics from every ECU in every vehicle - logs can be streamed live or uploaded based on user defined conditions

OTA Deep Updater dual bank updates

Single/Dual Bank & Parallel Updates

Support for both single application and A/B software and calibration updates to multiple ECUs on the same or different CAN buses

OTA Deep Updater software manager

Software Inventory Management

Build and manage custom software packages for multiple ECUs and manage billions of software versions in one place

OTA Deep Updater safety check

Pre- and Post-Condition Safety Checks

Customizable condition checks to ensure all ECU updates start and end in safe state

OTA Deep Updater targeting

Metadata Based Targeting

Create large scale deployments based on all metadata - location, model, year, trim-level & more

OTA Deep Updater schedule rollout

Draft & Scheduled Rollouts

Create draft rollout plans, save progress and come back later to finish or plan rollouts at a future date and time

OTA Deep Updater auto retries

Automatic Retries

Perform automatic retries and ensure updates are correctly downloaded and installed

OTA Deep Updater updates

Single Image Updates

Single image ECU updates via erase and replace method in addition to dual A/B bank SOTA updates

Integral Updates

Full vehicle software updates as one integral unit


Vehicle wide software updates skips outdated versions to latest (e.g. skip from version 1 to 4)

Updates to 80 controllers

Universal Packages

All software versions deployed  in one package for every ECU to reduce complexity

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Safe, Secure & Reliable to the Core

Achieve 99.98% OTA software update completion reliability with a connected vehicle platform designed from the ground up to address the most pressing automotive OTA safety and security challenges. 

OTA Deep Updates
Safe State for OTA Updates

Ensures vehicle starts and ends updates in a safe state (e.g. vehicle remains stationary during the update)

OTA Deep Updater update validation
Software Update Validation

Validates software updates with update logs, preventing mis-programmed controllers from compromising the driver safety

OTA Deep Updater prevent hacking
Prevent Hacking

Prevent malicious actors from manipulating the control systems through middle-man, rollback attacks, and other attack types

OTA Deep Updater targeted updates
Targeted Updates

Directs specific updates to specific models dependent on purchased options vs. aftermarket modified components

OTA Deep Updater updated parts
Power & Internet to Updated Parts

Maintains persistent connection and power to all processors that are being updated

OTA Deep Updater Unlimited Updates
No Unauthorized Updates

Protection against unauthorized software changes and firmware alterations

What’s Under the Hood?

The solution consists of multiple embedded and cloud components, seamlessly delivered as one vehicle-to-cloud SaaS system.

Deployment Manager

Orchestrates end-to-end OTA update deployment flows

Package Manager

Manages and verifies ECU firmware packages

Update Manager

Performs secure updates to target ECUs

Firmware Packager

Creates and authenticates deployable packages

Sibros Armor

Automotive grade OTA cybersecurity

Integration & Support

Rapid integration & dedicated support

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OTA data logger

Deep Updater

Scalable ECU configuration management with remote software updates

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Deep Updater is the award winning remote (over-the-air) vehicle software configuration and update platform for managing software packages at the scale of billions while keeping vehicles and updated with the latest code to improve safety, performance and functionality.


Average # of successful software updates deployed in a rolling 30-days (actual customer results from a 10K vehicle group).

+/- 2 days

Average rollout completion time with configurable rollout sequencing, fallbacks, delta updates and resumable downloads.

Depth & Breadth

Update 80+ ECUs and sensors in all domains including ADAS and infotainment for all vehicle and propulsion architectures.


Software update success rate powered by vehicle model configurator, delta updates and safe rollout features.

The right software on the right vehicle, every time

All your variants and configurations in the cloud

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Configure vehicle models in the cloud that represent updatable ECUs by connected architectures, then optimize software configurations by mapping images to each ECU in your models.

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Build a repeatable software update machine for each vehicle model line that forms an efficient foundation for all future FOTA/SOTA updates on every variant in that line for life, with reliable one-click deployment and scaling.

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Reduce software complexity and keep vehicles updated at all times with universal software manifests mapped to your models, so vehicles download only the software they need, in whatever stage of life, while keeping a full audit trail on digital record.

Vehicle model graphic

Software governance and updates from cradle to grave

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Get complete visibility and control over all vehicle model line software configurations and their variants from day zero. Deep Updater is integrated during vehicle prototyping and serves as your single source of remote software governance and updates for life.

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Shorten testing and validation times by harmonizing all vehicle models with their latest software versions to keep internal teams aligned while ensuring all vehicles remain updated from end-of-line assembly, transit, customer delivery and while on the road.

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Reduce software complexity and keep vehicles updated at all times with universal software manifests mapped to your models, so vehicles download only the software they need, in whatever stage of life, while keeping a full audit trail on digital record.

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Simple, safe & smart updates

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Confidently deploy updates with configurable rollout controls that safely streamline software updates and automate your workflow.

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  • Targeted update groups by vehicle models, VINS or attributes
  • Universal software packages
  • Configurable sequencing (LTE vs wifi fallbacks, time windows, retries)
  • ECU safety condition pre-checks
  • Resumable downloads
  • Parallel, delta and A/B updates
New rollout graphic

Traceable audit trails and reporting

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Deliver updates with high confidence with rollout traceability and timelines - a permanent digital record of all SOTA/FOTA updates at the ECU of everything changed or installed from manufacturing to service in chronological view.

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Get real time and historical insights for software change logs on every vehicle and every ECU in a single source of truth for very update real time status, attempts, failures and successes.

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Key features

Vehicle Models

ECU configuration management for scalable software rollouts to any set of vehicle groups and trims for the lifetime.

Universal Packages

Software versions for each ECU are combined into one universal package for one-click deployment and rollout automation.

Delta Updates

Detects software version conflicts at ECU levels to eliminate unnecessary downloading and installing of firmware or software.

Metadata Targeting

Target rollouts by VINs or metadata attributes for phased rollouts by groups to deliver updates with high precision and speed.


Audit change logs for all updates by vehicle and ECUs in one traceable timeline view of everything installed or changed from assembly line to the field.

Safety & Security by Design

Meets rigorous functional safety and cybersecurity compliance requirements out of the box, including ISO 26262 (ASIL-D) and WP.29 R155/R156.

100% ECU Coverage

Coverage for every ECU and component whether over CAN, Ethernet or other networks for full vehicle updates or upgrades.

Lightning Fast Updates

Deploy updates faster with parallel multi-ECU and multi-network updates over CAN or Ethernet with configurable rollout sequencing rules.


Improve deployment success with configurable downloads, ECU lists, precondition checks, time intervals and other rollout rules over wifi, LTE, and bluetooth.

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