Sibros and Android Integrations & CapabilitiesSibros and Android Integrations & Capabilities


May 15, 2024



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Sibros and Android Integrations & Capabilities

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As the automotive industry continues to embrace the digital revolution, integrating advanced software solutions into vehicle systems has become pivotal. Sibros leverages the robust Android Open Source Project (AOSP) framework to deliver cutting-edge functionalities such as real-time logging, remote commands, and seamless software updates directly to the cockpit. This detailed exploration covers the technical nuances of Sibros' integration into Android Automotive platforms.

Deep Feature Integration

First, let’s explore the core functionalities embedded within Sibros' software suite, focusing on the Deep Logger, Deep Updater, and Deep Commander component integration with Android Automotive OS. 

Deep Logger 

Captures and logs data from vehicle sensors and Android system events.

  • Integration with Android VHAL: Deep Logger utilizes custom data signals to support the collection and sending of Android Vehicle Hardware Abstraction Layer (VHAL) data. This allows it to capture standardized vehicle properties such as speed, battery levels, and other telemetry data.
  • Data Collection: Deep Logger facilitates the secure uploading of various types of data to the cloud, including system logs, crash reports, bug reports, and system snapshots, in the form of file uploads. Additionally, it supports the upload of custom data such as CPU usage, application metrics, and anonymized user interactions. This extensive data collection is essential for diagnostics and analyzing vehicle performance, enabling more informed decision-making and improved system reliability.
  • Conditional Logging:  Automakers can optimize storage and cloud costs with conditional logging which records data only when certain predefined conditions or criteria are met. 

Deep Updater 

Manages updates for the Android Operating System and individual applications within the vehicle’s infotainment system.

  • OS Update: Uses the Android Update Engine, which supports A/B updates. This allows the system to update while the previous version runs, thus reducing system downtime and enhancing the update process's reliability.
  • Application Updates: For apps, Deep Updater uses the Android Package Installer, which handles both APK and APEX updates. This allows for seamless app updates, which can be demonstrated by triggering updates from a simulated cloud-based portal.
  • User Interface: Update status can be shown on a custom Human-Machine Interface (HMI) application developed using Android UI/UX libraries. This app visually displays the software update process, including download progress and version changes.

Deep Commander

Allows remote execution of commands to control various vehicle features such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), lighting, and door locks.

  • Command Execution: Integrates with the Vehicle Hardware Abstraction Layer (VHAL) to send and receive commands that modify vehicle properties. 
  • Custom Commands: Deep Commander supports the implementation of custom commands, enabling Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to implement features such as controlling vehicle HVAC, locking/unlocking the vehicle, reporting vehicle health status, initiating dash cam video recording, and more. These commands can be executed from a mobile app or a web portal, demonstrating the flexibility and real-time control capabilities of the Sibros system.
  • Feedback and Logs: The results of command executions are immediately visible to the user on the user interface and are logged for further analysis, showing the immediate impact of the Deep Commander on the vehicle's systems.

Integration with Android Automotive OS

To achieve seamless integration with Android Automotive OS, Sibros provides the interfaces required to upload system events and data, as well as reference implementations along with Android build and configuration files. This integration is crucial for enabling real-time diagnostics, telemetry, and user settings management through the vehicle’s telematics control unit. It allows vehicle manufacturers or third-party developers to create customized applications that extend the functionality of the Sibros core products.

Utilization of Vehicle Hardware Abstraction Layer

Sibros leverages Android's VHAL to standardize the interaction with vehicle sensors and actuators. This layer abstracts the specifics of the vehicle's hardware, allowing Sibros' applications to interact with a diverse set of vehicle functionalities such as climate control, door lock status, and other vehicle metrics. Through VHAL, Sibros can log data, respond to vehicle status changes, and execute commands, which are fundamental for features enabled by Deep Logger and Deep Commander.

Direct API Integration

Sibros integrates directly with Android APIs that expose various vehicle functions and data streams. This integration is facilitated through the Android Automotive OS, which provides comprehensive support for automotive apps to interact with system and hardware interfaces. By using these APIs, OEMs can control vehicle settings, retrieve telematics data, and manage user preferences efficiently and securely using Sibros solution.

Embedded System App Development:

Sibros also ensures that Android AOSP guidelines are strictly followed to confirm all product features are secure, functional, and reliable. This makes the Sibros product suite easy to deploy in the AOSP source tree and easy to migrate to different Android versions, while also supporting build files and SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) policies. Sibros products can support multiple configurations based on the unique needs of each OEM and are compatible with Android KeyStore, enabling secure access to cloud certificates. 

Additionally, the product suite's APKs can be pre-integrated into the system image of the vehicle’s infotainment system, allowing them to operate with elevated privileges necessary for accessing and controlling system-level resources while maintaining robust security measures.

Sibros Device SDK

The Sibros Device SDK provides APIs for other integration apps to interact with the Deep Connected Platform Android app, allowing OEMs to implement tailored functionalities that address specific needs, enhance the user experience, and open up new opportunities for downstream revenue.

Out-of-the-Box Features and Value Add for Immediate Deployment

Sibros' software suite includes several pre-integrated features that are ready to deploy out-of-the-box, significantly reducing setup time and technical overhead for automotive manufacturers. By pre-integrating with Android, Sibros not only provides a substantial array of functionalities for Android ECUs but also cuts down on integration time and development costs for manufacturers:

  • Enable logging of critical vehicle data from the initial run with instant VHAL property logging.
  • Utilize pre-configured command functions for execution immediately after installation, facilitating rapid integration and operational control.
  • Keep the vehicle's software environment up to date with minimal intervention with the platform’s integrated update mechanism, enabling quick and efficient rollouts of both system and application updates.
  • Ensure secure data handling and protect against unauthorized access with pre-configured SELinux policies and encrypted communication protocols. 
  • Leverage a rich library of standardized signals and features, providing specifications that manufacturers would otherwise need to develop from scratch.

Having an established Android framework also expedites go-to-market timelines for complex features such as delta updates or application updates, delivering a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving automotive market. 


Sibros' integration into Android automotive systems exemplifies the convergence of automotive engineering and software innovation. By leveraging the Android platform, Sibros not only enhances vehicle functionalities but also ensures that these integrations are secure, reliable, and ready for the future of connected vehicles. Our ongoing commitment to technical excellence and innovation positions Sibros at the forefront of the automotive industry's transition toward more connected and intelligent vehicles. To learn more, schedule a demo with us today. 

Sreedhar Baru
Sreedhar Baru
With 16 years of experience in software development, Sreedhar specializes in In-Vehicle Infotainment systems and Mobile applications. His expertise extends to connected car technologies and digital cockpit solutions, having developed projects on Android Automotive OS, Linux, and QNX platforms. Throughout his career, he has focused on software updates, analytics, and integration projects with CarPlay and Android Auto, ensuring seamless and innovative connectivity and functionality in automotive systems.