Sibros + ST Partnership

Sibros + ST 

Joint OTA System Solution for SGP & SPC58 Products

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Enable Advanced OTA Capabilities on ST Hardware Out-of-the-Box

As an ST software partner, Sibros has pre-integrated its secure, flexible and scalable Deep Updater and Deep Logger embedded firmware offerings with the ST Smart Gateway Platform (SGP) and SPC58 MCU family of products. 

This joint system solution provides out-of-the-box capabilities to orchestrating full vehicle OTA software updates, data logging and diagnostic commands for numerous E/E architectures that utilize SGP and SPC58 hardware platforms. 

Sibros has pre-integrated its secure, flexible, and scalable Deep Updater and Deep Logger products with ST’s Smart Gateway Platform (SGP) and ST’s SPC58 MCU family of products to orchestrate full-vehicle connectivity, including OTA updates and precision data logging for numerous E/E architectures. This joint system solution enables numerous OTA use cases out-of-the-box and has comprehensive compliance with international safety, data privacy, and cybersecurity standards.

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ST Sibros

Smart Gateway Platform

Sibros’ vertically-integrated software and data management solutions work with ST’s Smart Gateway Platform (SGP), including its ASIL-D certified CH10M microcontroller and its TC3P microprocessor, to offer full vehicle-to-cloud connectivity, boost processing power and storage, and enable critical update deployments with high dependability. 

Creating a Connected Future

Sibros’ IoT-based Deep Connected Platform was designed from the ground up for connected automotive OTA use cases and  integrates seamlessly with ST’s Smart Gateway Platform to unlock the full potential of connected vehicle capabilities: 

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Hardware Agnostic

STMicro’s starter kit preloaded with Sibros’ DCP includes foundational operating systems, source code, and toolchains to reduce integration time and eliminate the need for additional hardware. 

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Secure OTA Updates

Configure, manage, and deploy fleetwide software and firmware updates to every vehicle ECU with the same level of safety, security, and efficiency as at a dealer service bay. 

OTA Live Data
Deep Data Logging

Access, filter, and analyze millisecond level data from every ECU to proactively address software faults, reduce recall and repair costs, and create new and innovative customer-facing connected vehicle features. 

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Fleet Management

Perform remote diagnostics and execute commands, manage billions of software update packages for any vehicle make, model, architecture, and geographic location. 

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