Sibros + AWS Partnership

Sibros + AWS

Powering the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem Together with AWS

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Deep, Safe & Secure OTA 

Sibros has partnered with AWS to provide its next-generation automotive software and data management solutions via a single embedded vehicle-to-cloud system, designed to run on a full array of AWS native services.

Connect and manage all in-vehicle software and data to orchestrate deep, safe, and secure OTA software updates, data collection, remote commands and more, for every in-vehicle ECU and sensor.

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Full Stack 

Sibros' award-winning Deep Connected Platform® offers rapid deployment of a robust connected vehicle-to-cloud solution, utilizing a wide array of AWS native services, including AWS IoT, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, and more. 

Create More Value with Sibros and AWS

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Single system for all vehicle software, data, and connected use cases
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Reduce warranty costs and recalls with full vehicle OTA to all ECUs
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Enable new connected services and 3rd party applications
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Scale from 20 to 20 million vehicles in any geography
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Improve product design microsecond-level data logging and diagnostics
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Streamline safety, security and privacy compliance (ASPICE, ISO 26262, GDPR, UNECE WP.29 and others)

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What's Possible?

Sibros' expertly designed embedded firmware and SaaS offerings seamlessly connect to the AWS cloud to unlock a wide range of advanced connected vehicle capabilities, including:



Configure, manage and deploy deep OTA software or firmware updates to every component without the need for special embedded agents on target downstream ECUs

Flexible Data Logging

Flexible Data Logging

Flexible and intelligent data logging to collect high precision (live or millisecond level) data based on custom-defined vehicle events, rules, or triggers

whole life cycle

Remote Diagnostics & Commands

Perform remote diagnostics at a deeper scale to enable new remote OEM diagnostic services or create new consumer-facing connected vehicle features  

Software Management

Software Portfolio Management

Manage billions of software packages for any combination of ECU and vehicle make/model/geographical configurations to bring order to software complexity chaos

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