Deployment Manager

Orchestration of software update campaigns from a single cloud-based command center.​

The Sibros Deployment Manager offers scalable and secure software update campaign orchestration and inventory management of all software configurations and packages. Execute customizable software campaign, fleet management and systematic software/firmware rollouts with an all-in-one cloud-based interface. ​

Vehicle Rollout Management

Rollout management for specific number of vehicles or percentage of vehicles per customer’s requirements.

Full Software Release Lifecycle​ Integration

Integrate with the build tool chain, software package creation, package validation and release management.

Access Control/User Management

Only authorized users can access the portal / issue commands as per access level.

Vehicle Grouping and Tags

Ability to group the vehicles by using any available vehicle metadata and manage deployment per vehicle group / tag.

Customizable Software Campaign

Software can be rolled out to a specific set of vehicles based on any available metadata such as geographic location, VIN number, model name and year, base vs premium model, and other criteria​.

User-Friendly Interface for Online​  and Offline Use

A single Command Center that can be used during vehicle development, validation, beta testing / deployment, production / manufacturing, and after-sales with or without connectivity (for direct-to-car updates)​.

Secured Communication

Utilizes secure communication via HTTPS / TLS with the vehicles to ensure secured and reliable data exchange​.

Cost Effective Pricing Model

Cost effective site-wide license to Command Center that can be shared by different functional groups within the company​.

Deployment Manager Specification​


Tag and group vehicles utilizing any vehicle metadata

Systematic software/firmware rollout by utilizing the vehicle’s tags and groups​

Secured communication between the Cloud and the Vehicle​

Supports all standard browsers​

All features are available via API​

Online and Offline mode​

100% Unit Test and Functional System Test coverage for both frontend and backend applications​

Developed in React and Plotly for fast rendering and plotting capability


Create deployment based on tags or vehicle groups that are ready for the rollout

See live rollout status which tracks the number of vehicles per stage of update, as well as updates that have completed successfully, failed, aborted or paused


Create a draft rollout plan, save your progress and come back later to finish activating the rollout

Plan rollout to start at a future date and time


Historical view of all the completed or aborted rollouts

View information about each vehicle that was part of the rollout and dive deep into the update logs of that vehicle

Download the complete product specifications sheet.

Deployment Manager
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