Deep Updater

Send full Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates for every vehicle ECU to fix defects, prevent recall campaigns and deliver new connected services with a secure, ASIL D certified solution.

With the acceleration of the software defined vehicle and 5G networks, the need for extending Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates beyond solely maps and apps is clear. Software related recalls have risen 30% year-on-year, costing automakers billions in easily preventable recall costs. The Sibros Deep Updater is optimized to work with all major in-vehicle ECUs and microcontroller families to push software updates from a single cloud-based back-end to remedy non-trivial component defects and enable new vehicle features at mass scale.

Controlled Environment

Avoiding reprogramming in an uncontrolled environment. Geofencing to provide safe preconditions.

Safe State for OTA Updates

Ensuring that the vehicle starts and ends updates in a safe state. Example: Vehicle remains stationary during the update.

Software Update Validation

Validating software updates using Update Logs - preventing a misprogrammed controller from compromising the driver’s safety.

Prevent Hacking

Preventing hackers from manipulating the internal car systems through man-in-the-middle attacks, rollback attacks and others.

Targeted Updates

Directing specific updates to specific models, which may depend on purchased options. Some vehicles may have after market equipment installed, which could change the required updates.

Power & Internet to Updated Parts

Maintaining a consistent internet connection and power to the processors that are being updated.

No Unauthorized Updates

Protecting against unauthorized software changes and firmware alterations.

Small Code Updates

Keeping the code size of the updates small; only the changes are sent, not the entire package.

Deep Updater Specification


Update Configurations via Manifest File

UDS Services including update sequence

Multi-ECUs Updates via CAN, Ethernet, & LIN

POSIX compliant software binary

Follows ISO 26262 - Functional Safety guidelines

MISRA C 2012 compliant

AUTOSAR C++ 2014 compliant

CERT C compliant


Package Manager

  • Any hardware running POSIX capable OS

Update Manager

  • STMicro SPC56, Infineon TC23X,NXP S32K 148, and more


Package Manager

  • Any POSIX capable OS such as Mac, Linux, QNX, AGL, Android

Update Manager

  • AUTOSAR 4.2.2 and 4.3, FreeRTOS, and more


5%-8% CPU utilization *

* Profiled on a 100 Mhz CPU Free RTOS deploying a firmware update over multiple CAN buses operating close to 100% bus load with 500 kbps baud rate.

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