Deep Logger

Advanced in-vehicle data collection and logging tools capture deeply buried vehicle analytics and live signals at the edge, using condition and event based rules and triggers.

As the transportation industry business models move towards new consumer preferences for subscriptions, shared mobility and autonomy, automakers must look to recording advanced in-vehicle metrics to keep fleets operating at optimal health and safety. Sibros’ Deep Logger captures and streams deeply buried vehicle usage data from its edge to the cloud with event-based triggers to capture relevant data and minimize compute costs.  ​

No Hardware Required

Eliminate the need for expensive per-user hardware and licenses by utilizing Sibros' site-wide license software only solution.

Record Critical Events

Critical event triggered logging identifies select conditions and initiates logging at specific intervals before, during and after an event.

Safe Driver Monitoring

Drivers can opt to allow their insurance companies to monitor specific vehicle metrics indicative of safe driving habits to use the data for scaling policy price.

Unsafe Operation Alerts

Fleet managers can configure system to initiate a real-time alert when a vehicle is being operated outside of preset conditions, enabling them to take timely action to reduce risk.

Predictive Maintenance & Analytics

Enables fleet managers to identify needed parts or services before a failure, reducing unplanned downtime and drivers risk.

Ease of Integration

Comprehensive developer environment simplifies integration of Sibros solution into any vehicle.

Complete Life Cycle

Single solution and user interface throughout a vehicle’s life cycle from development, validation, prototyping, production/manufacturing, to post-sales services, to reduce risk of errors and cost.

Customizable Logging Strategies

Customer decides how much space to use for storing logs and what to do with the logs when the system runs out of space.

Deep Logger Specification


Log CAN as PCAN or MDF4 trace files (split by time or size)

Raw log file upload to the cloud

Event triggered based on CAN signal

Live data extraction and upload to cloud

Supports CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, Ethernet

Follows ISO 26262 - Functional Safety guidelines

Interactive Shell over IP (ISIP)

MISRA C 2012 Compliant

AUTOSAR C++ 2014 Compliant

CERT C Compliant


Log Manager

  • Any hardware running POSIX capable OS

Data Bridge

  • RTOS or POSIX such as NXP, STMicro, Infineon, and more


Log Manager

  • Any POSIX capable OS such as Mac, Linux, QNX, AGL, Android

Data Bridge

  • AUTOSAR 4.2.2 and 4.3, FreeRTOS and more


Log Manager

  • Minimal Runtime Heap Memory
  • 2 Megabytes of RAM

Data Bridge

  • No Heap Memory
  • 3 Kilobytes for Static Module Memory and Buffer Storage


5%-8% CPU utilization on Log Manager (QNX 1Ghz)*

5%-8% CPU utilization on Data Bridge (100Mhz PPC)*

* Profiled with 5 CAN buses at 500Kbps running at 100% bus load

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