Sibros Presents Point B: A New PodcastSibros Presents Point B: A New Podcast
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September 9, 2022

Sibros Presents Point B: A New Podcast

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how the future of the automotive industry looks? Of course, most of our brains have been filled with Hollywood images of flying cars, teleportation, and vehicles that transform into spaceships or submarines on demand. But is this actually where the industry is headed? 

Right now, the automotive industry exists in a Point A world surrounded by limitations, roadblocks, and areas of improvement. But what does Point B look like? What roadblocks and detours can we expect on the way? How much technological fuel do we need to get there? And what is our ETA? 

It was questions like these that inspired Sibros to launch a new podcast series, aptly named Point B. 

What to Expect?

Point B is a Sibros original podcast that aims to educate and entertain both industry professionals and curious members of the public. Episodes are conveniently short and packed full of valuable information on the latest Autotech innovations and trends and how they are transforming the landscape of all things automotive. 

Every month one of our podcast hosts will have connected conversations with an industry expert on topics ranging from micromobility to connectivity, transportation 2.0 to intelligent cities, and beyond. Our first episode dives into the evolution of the EV sector and features none other than the Principal and Founder of Electrified Future Inc. Peter Savagian. In next month’s episode, we take a ride with Bill Thompson, Sr. Director of Mobility at Rightpoint, to learn about the intricacies behind creating an effective digital experience for the vehicle user. 

Point B Podcast Hosts

The show’s hosts are two of Sibros’ own. Both bring extensive automotive knowledge and technical experience to the mic…along with their unique perspectives and personalities. 

Steve Schwinke is the Vice President of Customer Engagement at Sibros where he works closely with OEMs and Tier One suppliers to accelerate their connected vehicle solutions. He is a pioneer in the industry. In addition to 22 years at General Motors as an original Executive member of the OnStar team, Steve is a recognized connected vehicle technology expert and former member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Telecommunications Industry Association. He has been awarded 34 patents involving telecommunications, telematics, and navigation and spends his free time mixing DJ tracks. 

Steve’s co-host, Michael Kara, has over 20 years in technical workflow and business process consulting. He serves as the Technical Solutions Manager at Sibros, where he manages the presales relationships with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the globe. Prior to joining Sibros, Michael worked at HARMAN as a Partnership manager for Harman IGNITE and supported HARMAN Redbend’s OTA solution in a pre-sales capacity. Michael’s passion for automotive goes as far back as he can remember, with a particular love for the classic Volkswagen Beetle.  

Don’t miss out! Catch full episodes of Point B on ApplePodcast, Spotify, or at

Amber Parle
Amber Parle
Amber is a Content Specialist at Sibros with over nine years of writing and blog content experience. She is a University of California at Davis graduate and an avid world traveler.