MOVE London 2022 HighlightsMOVE London 2022 Highlights
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July 1, 2022



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MOVE London 2022 Highlights

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What does mobility mean to you? 

Connection? Transportation? A way to get from point A to point B? Freedom? Opportunity?  

Whatever your answer, most people agree that mobility is key not only to economic growth but also to the future of humanity. Which is part of the inspiration behind MOVE. 

MOVE is an event that is dedicated to transforming and ultimately saving the world through cleaner and more sustainable mobility innovations. It focuses on bringing together speakers and global leaders from the mobility, transportation, and automotive sectors to encourage education, networking, and inspiration.

During the London MOVE 2022 event, attendees were encouraged to make a MOVE pledge towards smarter, safer, and more sustainable mobility. Answers ranged from using public transit instead of a taxi service to reducing the company’s carbon footprint by 20% over the next year. Sibros pledged to accelerate innovations that support clean and sustainable mobility objectives by helping our OEM customers and partners unlock new product capabilities and operational efficiencies with modern vehicle-to-cloud technologies.

There were 3,688 people in attendance at MOVE, 600 speakers, and 260 sessions conducted across multiple theater spaces throughout the conference hall. Sibros was the proud sponsor of the Tech, Data, & Innovation stage, where we participated in two sessions. 

Our morning session was called "Paving the Way to Transportation 2.0 with Connected Vehicle Data" featuring Steve Schwinke, VP of Customer Engagement at Sibros, Arran Simms, Chief Engineer for Data, Fleet, and B2B at Jaguar Land Rover, and moderated by Shane Rooney of GSMA. As opposed to Transportation 1.0 where manufacturers never wanted to hear from their customers, because that meant a recall was headed their way, Transportation 2.0 is about creating a better digital experience for customers and opening up downstream revenue opportunities for OEMs. This is accomplished via leveraging vehicle data to enhance CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) vehicle solutions and overcome the pain points that are inhibiting the evolution of the automotive industry.  

In the afternoon, Steve Schwinke and Michael Kara, Technical Solutions Manager at Sibros, conducted a roundtable session on "Calculating your ROI from embedded connectivity." During this session, attendees were asked to answer various questions to ascertain their interest, knowledge base, financial concerns, and expectations regarding embedded connectivity. Utilizing an ROI calculator, Michael and Steve highlighted the costs and returns associated with adopting an embedded telematics solution based on customizable parameters, such as fleet size, bandwidth and hosting costs, CV service maintenance fees, and connected service revenue.  

Overall, the event was not only informative but inspirational. We at Sibros are looking forward to attending MOVE America in Austin, Texas this September. If you’re interested in scheduling a meeting with us at this event, contact us or reach out via your Swapcard mobile app.

Samantha Bringas
Samantha Bringas
Samantha Bringas is the Field Marketing Manager at Sibros. She has experience working in the B2B tech space from large companies to early-stage startups. She is a proud UC Berkeley graduate - Go Bears!