Better Together: Sibros + ST Smart Gateway Platform Better Together: Sibros + ST Smart Gateway Platform


July 20, 2021



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Better Together: Sibros + ST Smart Gateway Platform

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Over the years, there have been many iconic duos: Holmes & Watson, Tom & Jerry, and even peanut butter & jelly. Fast forward to today where there is a new pair on the scene: ST & Sibros. Together, the two companies are shaking up the vehicle connectivity scene with the combination of Sibros’ connectivity solutions and ST’s Smart Gateway Platform (SGP). The powerful collaboration was first demonstrated at DevCon 2020, ST Americas's Developers Conference Virtual Event showcasing the Sibros OTA capability on the SGP.

Sibros’ software not only allows for the update of the various electronic control units (ECUs), but it also provides the framework for data logging and security features. The SGP is a modern take on a Gateway controller with incredible processing abilities, safety features, and increased security. Essentially, Sibros provides the end-to-end vehicle software, while ST provides the perfect environment to prototype, profile, and deliver advanced OTA and connectivity capabilities. 

In today’s technological world, Gateways are required to have powerful processing capabilities to handle firewall functionalities and external data exchange through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. STMicroelectronics’ SGP is able to meet these requirements and with Sibros’ software solutions, this pair can make numerous use cases a reality. The two work together seamlessly in order to ensure a high degree of reliability, increased security, and large amounts of processing. The SGP has a Linux microprocessor, as well as a separate microcontroller with an ASIL-D safety rating. This allows safety critical processes such as the Update Manager to run on a dedicated microcontroller.

Also, SGP contains a Hardware Security Module (HSM) that can be utilized by Sibros’ software solutions to perform accelerated cryptographic functions thus creating a more hardened and secure system.

Last, but definitely not least, the included Linux microprocessor provides the system with an increased amount of processing power which helps to future proof use cases like predictive maintenance, multi-ECU over-the-air (OTA) updates, and remote data logging. 

In addition to the usual Ethernet, the SGP has expansion slot options for 4G, 5G, and WiFi. In vehicles today, much of the communication is facilitated through CAN, including data logging and OTA updates. With bandwidth of CAN becoming limited due to the sheer amount of data being coming from modern vehicles, these expansion options help OEMs increase bandwidth that is required for connected vehicles. With this expansion capability, Sibros’ connected solution has advanced network configuration allowing the automaker to set conditions on when they want to use Wifi or cellular connectivity.

In the example of a car accident, an automaker can set the condition to log data from a few minutes before and after the crash event, and have that information be sent to the cloud over cellular network.

The aforementioned expansion options allow for the necessary increase in bandwidth that is required by these contemporary vehicles.  Sibros' connected solution has advanced network configuration that allows the OEM to select which conditions they want to  collect and which to log over Wifi versus cellular. For example, if there is an accident, the automaker can opt to log data a few minutes before and a few minutes after the crash event and have that information sent over cellular, a capability made possible with Sibros’ software solution running on ST’s SGP. 

Through the collaboration between ST & Sibros, the world of vehicle connectivity has access to this symbiotic relationship that provides products that are reliable, secure, and robust. This partnership brings the automotive industry a quarter-mile closer to flawless vehicle connectivity.

Albert Lilly
Albert Lilly
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