Sibros + Google Cloud Partnership

Sibros + Google Cloud 

Driving Connected Mobility Transformation

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Purposefully Automotive

Sibros and Google Cloud for automotive work together to help our OEM customers accelerate R&D innovation, power efficient operations, and unlock software-defined vehicle use cases with a full stack connected vehicle platform for automotive software and data management, powered by Google’s trusted, secure and reliable cloud.

A Partnership to Accelerate
Connected Vehicle Use Cases

Accelerate new use cases using Google’s proven Android Automotive OS, Google apps and cloud services integrated with the feature rich capabilities of Sibros’ connected vehicle software and data management platform.

Google Apps:
Cloud Services:
Remote Vehicle Services

Smartphone-based alerts, notifications, and remote car access (lock/unlock) and control)

Features On-Demand

Feature additions and upgrades (for a one-time fee or subscription)

Fleet Analytics
Remote Diagnostics & Mainentance

Early detection of potential part failures and optimized service experience

Over-the-Air Software Updates

SOFTA/FOTA updates with 'skip-to-latest' and delta updates at vehicle wide level

Built the Ultimate Connected Vehicle Experience

Tap into Google’s proven portfolio of automotive (Android Automotive OS, Google Maps, Google Assistant) and Google Cloud services, integrated with Sibros’ solutions to build the ultimate connected vehicle experience.

Google Cloud Platform Graphic

Whole Lifecycle

We bring together all the building blocks OEMs need to design, prototype, build, launch, scale, and support connected vehicles safely and securely, on the road and in the cloud - with over-the-air updates, data logging, remote diagnostic services and more.



Debug and validate remotely to expedite R&D and beta bring-up.

Flexible Data Logging


Manage software version deployment, authorized users, and remote EOL

whole life cycle


Optimize and manage fleet inventory, pre-sale software updates, and upgrades.

Field Operation

Track fleet health, deploy updates, and activate subscription features.

Fully Configurable


Leverage precision data, remote diagnostics, and full-vehicle updates for proactive fault remediation.

Resale & End-of-Life

Streamline data and title transfer or securely decommission and dispose of device credentials.

Over-the-Air Updates

Advanced OTA updates to deliver full vehicle firmware and software updates to every ECU while managing vehicle software inventory packages and update rollout campaigns.

Connected Vehicle Data  

Transmit selectively targeted CAN data at scale from edge to cloud and leverage Google Cloud AI, ML, and visualization to turn data into actionable analytics and activate meaningful use cases.

Remote Commands

Whole life cycle solution to remotely command all ECUs across all domains for OEM diagnostic and end-user services and to enrich connected vehicle ownership experiences.

Fleet & Software Management

Schedule services and routine maintenance, track fleet data, and manage update package deployment for different vehicle make, model, and trim.

Maximize Value with Sibros & Google Cloud Platform

Supports all vehicle E/E architectures and propulsion systems
Out-of-the-box integration with cloud scalability for 20 to 20 million vehicles
OTA updates to every ECU to reduce recalls and warranty costs
Real-time data logging and vehicle-wide diagnostics
Extend data to build new connected services and apps with robust API management 
Global compliance with rigorous safety, cybersecurity, and data privacy standards

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