Sibros + Actia Partnership

Sibros + ACTIA

Embedded Software Meets Multiplexed Electronics to Power a Connected Future

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Reliable and Innovative to the Core

Sibros has partnered with ACTIA to provide its award-winning automotive software and data management solutions via a single vertically-integrated platform designed to run seamlessly on ACTIA’s electronics and diagnostics systems.  

Manage and deploy safe and secure over-the-air (OTA) updates, perform remote diagnostics and commands, and enable customizable parameters for intelligent data logging from each vehicle ECU all from one embedded vehicle-to-cloud platform.

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Integration at Its Finest

Sibros’ innovative and ground-breaking Deep Connected Platform provides reliable and secure full-vehicle connectivity to scale, utilizing ACTIA’s automotive electronic solutions, including the ACU6-Lite and ACU6-Pro connectivity units.    

Connect Your Fleet with Sibros and ACTIA

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Seamless integration to reduce installation costs and expedite time-to-market
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Compliance with international safety, cybersecurity, and data protection standards (UNECE WP.29, ISO 26262, GDPR, and more)
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Global scalability from 20 to 20 million vehicles
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Millisecond-level data logging and diagnostics for vehicle design and functionality improvements
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Robust OTA updates to every vehicle ECU for the entire vehicle lifecycle
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Supports all vehicle software, data, and connected use cases on one platform

What’s Under the Hood?

Sibros combines a robust collection of automotive software and data management on one platform to provide a long-term solution for managing all phases of the vehicle lifecycle: 

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Safe & Secure OTA Updates

Remote software and firmware updates to every ECU increase vehicle longevity and performance, enhance safety, and streamline repairs to reduce recall and warranty costs.

OTA Live Data
Flexible Data Logging

Selective logging filters enable accurate and precise data collection directly from each ECU to provide OEMs with a single source of truth for all connected vehicle use cases. 

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Enable Downstream Revenue

Real-world data and remote activation enable the creation and implementation of innovative customer-facing features and services, such as Usage Based Insurance, smart cockpit climate adjustments, and terrain-based engine modes.

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Remote Management

One unified platform to manage and deploy billions of targeted update packages for any ECU and vehicle combination regardless of make, model, drivetrain, or geographic location. 

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