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International Compliance

Sibros embedded vehicle-to-cloud automotive software solution adheres to all UNECE WP.29 regulations for software update management and cybersecurity management systems to enable safe and reliable connected mobility for the full vehicle lifecycle.

Collect and filter in-vehicle data, manage and deploy fleet-wide software updates, proactively identify and remedy recall and warranty issues, and execute remote commands to every vehicle ECU across any vehicle make, model, or geographic location.

WP.29 & Sibros

Sibros’ innovative and paradigm-shifting Deep Connected Platform addresses vulnerabilities associated with software update management systems and mitigates cyberattacks with a vertically-integrated and compromise-resistant data management and OTA update solution.  

Cybersecurity Management Systems (CSMS)

Manage cybersecurity risks in both software update systems and vehicle design. 
Vehicle lifetime protection from R&D to post-production and decommissioning. 
Multi-level access and signature points to safeguard against manipulation and hacking. 

Software Update Management Systems (SUMS)

Full lifecycle documentation, update history, and secure data storage. 
Full-vehicle ECU and software version checks and image verification
Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA) for safe and secure software update installation and integration.

Security at Every Stage

Information Security Best Practices

Full process documentation and security controlled data storage, employee documentation and security procedure training for quality assurance.

Safety Assurance Mechanisms

Vehicle “safe state” and health verification prior to update installation and rollback mechanism to preserve functionality in the event of an update failure.

Target Identification Processes

Vehicle groupings based on static and dynamic characteristics, enabling targeted updates and software fixes.

Management Protocols

Comprehensive and adaptable cybersecurity management system for the full vehicle lifecycle to preemptively identify, categorize, and address cyber threats and attacks.

Vehicle Type Approval

Deep data access and analysis enables exhaustive risk assessment of critical in-vehicle hardware and software.

Version Checks

Unique identifiers for hardware and software update packages to ensure update validity and integrity.

Bootloaders Icons

Compliant OTA Processes

Update creation, transfer, and receiving processes for full compliance with WP.29 SUMS requirements.  

Bootloaders updates


Automotive specific open-source CSMS framework and multi-layered cryptographic algorithms to safeguard OTA updates.

Is Your Fleet Protected Against Cyberattacks? 

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