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Consumer Data Privacy by Design 

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General Data Protection Regulation Compliant

Sibros’ automotive software update and data management platform offers an embedded firmware solution to power the connected vehicle ecosystem without compromising user privacy and data rights as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

Access in-vehicle data from every ECU, create and deploy fleet-wide Over-the-Air software and firmware updates, execute remote commands, and obtain user consent all on one vertically-integrated platform.

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GDPR & Sibros

Sibros’ Deep Connected Platform addresses vulnerabilities associated with software update management systems and remote data collection by combining data protection best practices with a compromise-resistant cybersecurity framework. 

Superior Data Protection Practices 

Sibros’ innovative IoT-based SaaS offerings achieve GDPR compliance with a comprehensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity and data protection.   

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Data Access

User data access to vehicle health diagnostics, maintenance suggestions, and driver habits via the mobile application or online dashboard.

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Cybersecurity Protocols

Full vehicle lifecycle cybersecurity management to effectively identify, categorize, and prevent system vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

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User Communication

Utilization of in-vehicle infotainment systems and mobile applications to obtain user consent for data usage changes and OTA software update installation.

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Lifetime Adaptability

Ongoing in-depth threat analyses and risk assessments provide data for security adaptations and additional measures to protect against novel threats and attack methods.

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Multi-Layer Protection

Open-source automotive-grade cybersecurity framework that utilizes cryptographic algorithms to mitigate unauthorized data access and manipulation.

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Security Best Practices

Security controlled and monitored data storage, full process documentation, and security procedure training for quality assurance.

Is Your Fleet Data Secure? 

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