Sibros Bootloader

The Sibros Bootloader is a highly configurable, secure and universal solution for deploying Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates across any in-vehicle ECU and network protocol.

Sibros has over 10 years of experience in building secure and reliable bootloaders that have been deployed at scale on millions of ECUs and used for performing firmware updates over-the-air (OTA). Our experience spans dozens of microcontroller families, and our shared platform makes it easy for us to support new chips and customer specific needs within an industry-leading time period.

Bootloader - Key Features

Single & Dual Bank Updates

Both Single Application Update and A/B (redundant) software and calibration updates are supported

Reusable Core Bootloader

Modular, layered design allows a customer to have the same core bootloader functionality on all the various ECUs within their vehicle regardless of the microcontroller used

Bootloader Self Updates

Enable safe and recoverable update of the Bootloader itself regardless of interruption of power in any phase during the update using Sibros provided Bootloader Assist Module (BAM)

Safe Background Updates

Background updates that is integrated as part of the application (only possible for dual bank ECUs)

Integrity Checks for Reliability

Live CRC calculation and verification as part of software update as well as CRC checks as part of every boot cycle to prevent jumping to a corrupt application and prevent using corrupt data from a calibration block

Version & Fingerprint Reporting

Bootloader can report all identification information for all images on the device (such as software ID, component ID, part number, serial number)

Verification Checks to Handle Failure Cases

Verification checks and software compatibility checks for all images by utilizing Hardware ID, Software ID, Component ID, Usage ID, etc.

Power & Network Failure Resilient

Recoverable bootloader that always maintains safe state by performing integrity and compatibility checks as part of the boot-up sequence

Fully Customizable

Supports custom features, services and routines for ECU configuration, diagnostics and application updates

Quick Turnaround Time

Quick turnaround time for new features and new bootloaders, due to well designed and layered software architecture

Standard or Customized Update Sequences

Sibros provides standard software update sequence, but can also quickly implement customer specific update sequences

Universal Download Tool

Standalone tool to communicate with the bootloader and download images via CAN or Ethernet.

Bootloader - Security Features

Security Access

Security Access using custom or standard asymmetric or symmetric cryptographic algorithms such as HMAC, CMAC, RSA, ECC, etc

Secure Time

The bootloader supports the addition of secure time using a timeserver and verification of timestamp metadata to prevent freeze attacks

Secure Communication

Data Encryption and Decryption using AES, ECC, etc

Key Storage and Rotation

Key storage and rotation for encrypted and/or verified communication

Encrypted / Compressed Downloads

Full support for encrypted or compressed data transfers on the fly before being written into flash

Custom HSM Integration

For all security features, the bootloader supports full software based crypto or integration of HSM modules

Image Signature Verification

Authentication of image downloads using standard asymmetric or symmetric cryptographic algorithms (HMAC, CMAC, RSA, ECC)

Uptane Compliant

Sibros bootloaders meet all the requirements for Uptane and are OTA Software Update ready

Bootloader Specification

supported hardware, Networks & protocols

Sibros has delivered wide range of microcontroller experiences across many vendors and micro families. Including, but not limited to:


  • NXP, ST, Infineon, Renesas, TI

Architectures: PowerPC, ARM, TriCore

Families: MPC5xxx, S32K, KEAxxx, SPC5xx, TCxxx, RH850

Compilers: GNU-GCC, HighTec, GreenHills, TASKING

Networks: CAN, Ethernet, LIN, FlexRay, UART

Diagnostics & Calibration Protocols: UDS (ISO 14229), XCP, CCP & Custom

Data Transfers Protocol: ISO-TP (ISO 14229), DoIP (ISO 13400), DoLIN

Message Authentication: HMAC, CMAC, RSA, ECC etc.

Product qualities

- C99 language
- Bare-metal, no RTOS
- Single core operation
- Compiler agnostic


-MISRA C 2012
- SEI Cert C (secure coding practices)
- ISO 26262 Functional Safety
- Uptane Security


-16-64K Flash size based on security features, communication type and architecture

Download the complete product specifications sheet.

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